Scabiosa caucasia Development (Page 2)

  The Outer Flower Buds Begin to Open

Microdissection reveals that in early development the anthers and the carpel are green in colour. The carpel is only marginally longer than the than the anthers. The anthers each consists of 4 distinct green loculi that hold the microsporangia (developing pollen). These loculi undergo a reorganisation to form a round-ended cylinder consisting of 4  internal compartments. The outer, or marginal, ring of flower buds continue to grow in size and develop the characteristic purple appearance pigment. The outer buds always open first. The next flower buds to open are always the outermost ring of the smaller white-petalled disc flowers.  When the florets have just opened the anther filaments are bent over.  Very quickly the filaments straighten and the  compartment of the anther open. The most central buds develop a small amount of purple pigment before opening.


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