Art and Architecture of Whitehaven Harbour, Cumbria, England

If you are visiting the Lake District in England and are interested in sculpture and architecture it might be worth your while making the short 27 mile trip between Keswick and Whitehaven in Cumbria. As a consequence of funding initiatives to promote regeneration, the harbour area contains high quality, sculpture, well-designed installations and architecture both old and new that is worth seeing.

Unlike a lot of traditional public art, the sculpture displayed in Whitehaven is relevant to the place as well as being intriguing. The town’s importance as a port is represented in artworks of fish and surprisingly metal installations representing various kinds of rope knots.  A  bronze boy sits on a capstan looking out to see with a telescope whilst a pet mouse investigates his pocket. The town’s history is represented by  2 notable sculptures. End of an Era represents the town’s miners and the hardships that they endured. Interestingly a female figure is included.  A military event is celebrated by the dynamic figure of the American sailor John Paul Jones spiking the port’s defensive cannons.

In addition, you might find a variety of unusual offshore servicing ships required for the wind turbines operating off the coast.


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